Sundays, 10:00
Holy Communion

Holy Week and Easter

Sun 13 April
Palm Sunday Service

Wed 16 April

Thu 17 April
Soup Supper
Eucharist and
Foot Washing

Fri 18 April
Good Friday Service
Good Friday Liturgy
and Communion

Sun 20 April
Festive Easter Service

This Week 

Mon 14 April
Sat 19 April
Vestry Meeting










Welcome to St. Augustine's!

On this page you will find brief announcements of upcoming events, information about things that have been going on or pointers to interesting reports on our website. For more detailled information you can follow the links to other pages. If you want to know more about who we are, find out here.

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Fine Arts News: Two concerts coming up in May

Don't miss these opportunities to listen to fantastic music and have a great evening out: On Friday, 16 May 2014 the American Horn Quartet are performing their new programme "From Bach to the Beatles". And on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 Erika Le Roux ist back with the first of her popular Lunchtime Concerts. Click here for details.


Vamos! - Sponsor a pilgrim on the Camino di Santiago

Andy, Lisa and their dog Samy will be walking the last half of the traditional Camino in Northern Spain from the end 28 April - 16 May - 450 kilometers! Would you like to sponsor one of their blisters for a good cause, namely the Church funds? This is your chance to donate 10 euro cents or US cents per Kilometer, i.e. 45 Euro or $45 if they make it all the way! Check out our Facebook page or look here for updates.

Infos auf Englisch und Deutsch über diesen Fundraiser finden sich hier.

Convocation Youth and 20’s Events

If you belong to one of the ‘target groups’ for these exciting events organized by the Convocation’s Youth Commission I encourage you to register.

  • 20’s Weekend Fish out of water? Jesus, his teachings and Faith in the 21st century
    From 6th - 9th June in Florence (accommodation is provided and paid for)
  • Junior Youth Retreat: “A Leap of Faith
    in Büdingen, Germany from 29th May – 1st June (cost EUR 10 per person + travel)
  • Youth Across Europe 2014 Listen to God
    From 28th May - 1st June hosted by Christ Church Clermont-Ferrand France (cost EUR 10 per person + travel)

If you/your children are interested please contact the church office.


Your Vestry - your voice

The Vestry are keen to hear from you - your questions and concerns, but also your encouragement and offers to help. Come to Vestry meetings which are open to all members. See here for dates of Vestry meetings and other information.